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Vegetable Garden

Helping Your Garden Flourish

What is this "Garden" concept?

Have you ever wondered why when you attempt to do something new or something different or challenging, you find a way to talk yourself out of it? Or when you have worked to rid yourself of the negative self-talk by implanting positive affirmations, somehow those negative thoughts creep right back in?  In this moment, you conclude that positive affirmations don't work! The ideas behind the Healing Your Garden® Program are to teach you that these struggles are not because you are weak, or because you lack some internal functioning to be able to change the nature of your thought process. It's because of what we’ve accumulated in our garden, namely our "Weeds."

Gardening Shed

Think about any garden you have ever seen. If you do not have a green thumb yourself, it's OK. Many people understand the concept of a garden and what it takes to make it grow. The first thing that you need is fertile soil. Then you are going to need some seeds to plant in order to have something grow. In addition, you need assistance like water, the Sun, maybe some love or positive messages if you ascribe to that thought process. You need some gardening tools. Though not 100 percent of the time, having all of these things typically create a recipe for cultivating a successful garden. If you plant those seeds, and do not water them, or provide them with Sun, or as science has shown, if you speak negatively to the plants, they will not flourish.

How Do You Take Care of Your Garden?

It's Time to Pull Up Your Weeds

We also know that no matter if you are a master gardener or not, weeds are going to find a way into your garden. Weeds are able to grow in any condition as long as there is any amount of space. The “weed’s seeds” may lie dormant in any fertile soil for a very long time, and rear their menacing heads just when you think your garden is flourishing.  In my garden concept, weeds are those negative messages.  Just like weeds in a garden, it takes a lot of work to get rid of them. Oftentimes you think you have, and you think they're gone, and they resurface at the most inopportune times. Like when you are trying something new or something different or  challenging.


So how does one pull the weeds that are in his/her mind? How do you find and remove those dormant seeds (negative thoughts)? Through doing some much needed "Gardening."


Find out more about the Healing Your Garden® concept and how it is utilized in our therapy sessions. 

Healing Your Garden® workbook for Trauma, Anxiety and Depression coming soon!

Healing Your Garden® workshops coming soon!

Healing Your Garden® training for mental health professionals is also coming soon. Stay tuned!

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